Yoga Teaches Powerful Money Lessons

I took my first yoga class in 1986. Never before able to touch my toes, I ended the semester-long course with greatly improved flexibility. But more than that it introduced me to the idea of being mindful, aware, intentional - simply being. As a driven young student...

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How to Be Less Wrong in Your Budgeting

Most of the women I encounter feel stress about having enough money to be able to retire. It’s my job to help them come up with a plan. We consider different courses of action, make sure their dollars are working efficiently, and to take steps to protect against what...

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You’re Not Alone

Chitra is about to start her new job as a radiologist in a very good hospital. She graduated from a top medical school and an excellent residency program, and had several job offers to choose from. Things are great, but she feels deficient in one important area -...

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SMART Money Moves for Women AFTER Divorce

You're through it. You're coming out the other end of what may have been a painful journey. It's natural to feel a bit of trepidation about what lies ahead. The good news is: YOU are in charge now! You may still have to deal with joint custody or ongoing squabbles...

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Are You Prepared?

  Are You Prepared? Disasters, personal or natural, are unpredictable and devastating. From floods and fires to hurricanes and earthquakes – or a divorce or an illness – your life can change in an instant. The good news is there are steps you can take today to assure...

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The Money Monster

A recent New York Times article highlighted women over 50 years old and their fears about money, noting that large numbers of “smart, accomplished women … cast a blind eye to financial matters, especially those relating to later life.” Does that sentence make you...

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A New Retirement Paradigm

“Medical science has given us 30 extra years of life. Why did we decide to put them all on the end?” This is the provocative question asked by Dr. Laura Carstensen, Executive Director of the Stanford Center for Longevity. Consider this: Social Security was created in...

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How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?

If you are like many women I work with, you probably wonder about some variations of the question, “Will I be able to stop working someday and still support myself?” The specifics of each specific woman’s situation will vary, but you have plenty of company if you are...

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I Want To Retire In 10 Years. What Should I Do?

I have good news! You're asking the right question, and you have time to plan. Two essential parts of my philosophy is everything is figure-out-able, and we focus on what we can do now instead of stressing about the past. What should you do? Here are the three...

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